How do I join the movement?

The nonprofit project GreenCyprusCom invites everyone who is committed and passionate about Cyprus to become a part of reforestation movement. You can plant a tree, make a donation to the organization’s account or just spread the word about the movement among your friends.  Together we will save the ecology and improve the environment of Cyprus for our families and future generations.

Consider this – as little as 25 EUR is enough to plant a sapling and give it a proper care for three years.

What it covers:

  • buying a sapling;
  • digging a planting hole;
  • care and watering over the next 3 years

Take the tree under guardianship

Plant a tree with your nameplate and get a certificate indicating your contribution to the restoration of the forests of Cyprus! Or give such a certificate to a loved one - you will give him not only the joy of your attention, but also the awareness of the importance of this tree for the whole island. From each such tree we will grow new forests of Cyprus!
To obtain a certificate and participate in tree planting, register for a date convenient for you and pay a donation of 25 euro per tree on the site. As a confirmation of registration, you will receive an e-mail with a personal certificate, as well as an invitation to board a landing.