GreenCyprusCom is organizing regular events for restoring the green forest areas on the island and preventing the country's natural forestry from diminishing.

Choose to participate in one of our events by sending us the registration form. Together we can make Cyprus greener!


Petra tou Romiou

More than 1000 new trees in October!

Non commercial organisation Green Cyprus supported by department of forestry announces about fifth mass tree planting and invites to participate all who are interested! An event will start on 20th of October in Petra tou Romiou district. We'll decorate our native island by pistachio bushes, cypresses, carob trees and wild olives which can be called Cyprus's symbols.

Our volunteers
Date Participant Status Trees Certificate number
20.10.2018 Dominic S Arcadia Forest Friend 1 GC201020180683
24.03.2018 XM Forest FOREST CREATOR 100 GC240320180670
24.03.2018 Telyatnik's Garden FOREST CREATOR 100 GC240320180611
24.03.2018 Love to Cyprus, KF Forest Defender 50 GC240320180678
24.03.2018 Steelnet Group Forest Defender 50 GC240320180610
24.03.2018 Maryan Andrusenko Forest Friend 5 GC240320180667
24.03.2018 Antonis Paschalides & Co LLC Forest Friend 5 GC240320180591
24.03.2018 Демянков Сергей Forest Friend 5 GC100320180589
24.03.2018 Στ΄ τάξη - Περιστερώνα Forest Friend 3 GC240320180601
24.03.2018 Sara Tatsi Forest Friend 2 GC240320180668
24.03.2018 Savvi Demosthenous Forest Friend 2 GC240320180653
24.03.2018 Demetrios Stylianides Forest Friend 2 GC240320180642
24.03.2018 Constantinos Andreou Forest Friend 2 GC240320180640
24.03.2018 CHRISTINA LOUCA Forest Friend 1 GC240320180672
24.03.2018 Maria Koulounti Forest Friend 1 GC240320180669
24.03.2018 Maria Anastasi Forest Friend 1 GC240320180665