Who we are

GreenCyprusCom is a non-profit organization, which has launched the reforestation project of the island with the support of the Department of Forests of the Republic of Cyprus.

Many centuries ago, Cyprus was known as the “green island” with more than a half of its territory being covered with green forests. Due to various external factors, including devastating forest fires, today the green forest area or Cyprus covers not more than 25% of the territory of the island. In the last hundred years, Cyprus has experienced three major fires – in 1924, 1956 and 1974, which destroyed almost 400 sq. kilometers of forest greenery.

Here at GreenCyprusCom we love Cyprus nature and are ready to take action to restore the unique ecosystem of the island! We will ensure the financing for the reforestation project, as well as will take care of organizational work and making necessary arrangements for the project to run successfully.

Our mission

Starting from 2016, we will put our effort into restoring the island’s forested areas. Our main goal is to plant more than twenty thousand of trees and take care of the forest area development in a long term. We would like to invite all people, interested in restoring and preserving the natural beauty of Cyprus for future generation, to join our project. Together we can make Cyprus greener!

Our approach

We will restore the emerald-green forests of Cyprus together with you. It will be a large-scale project in the longer term. After we plant trees, we will take care of them, as a little sapling, like a child, needs special care in the first years of its life.



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We will take care of the rest, including the transportation to the tree planting area.

How to become a member of our movement? You need to fill in a form on our website.

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