German Lillevyali

Chairman Of The Public Council
Financier, President of GL Financial Group

«I am sincerely in love with the history and culture of Cyprus, its hospitable people and beautiful nature. Of course, Cyprus leaves noone indifferent, but for me, love for the wonderful country means gratitude and action. So, it is natural to have a wish to make something important and significant for its prosperity. That’s is how we have created the movement GreenCyprusCom designed to restore forests of the green island».

Kypros Kouris

Member Of The Public Council
Director The Heritage Private School and Institute

«The school mission is not only training, but moral education of children. The earlier, the better. Children have a clear mind and their own new way in future. That is why we teach them to care for the nature by planting and taking care of trees every year together with them».

Polakis Sarris

Member Of The Public Council
Founder of law firm Polakis Sarris

Charalampos Theopemptou

Member of Parliament, Ex Commissioner for the Environment, Ecologist
Representative of Nicosia constituency under the banner of the Cyprus Greens-Citizens’ Cooperation since June 2016.
- Deputy Chairman of the House Standing Committee on the Environment.
- Member of the House Standing Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources, of the House Standing Committee on Educational Affairs and Culture and of the House Standing Committee on Transport, Communications and Works.
- Member of the delegation of the House to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM).

Andreas Christofi

Owner The Land of Dreams